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    For your development, in order to light the development of security, for our common development, we are interested are invited to the country, credible, strong, capable, willing to work with light security and common development of light units and individuals to join a marketing network security for a better future.

    1 initial consultation contact:
    Vendors should be aware of the sales area is not set for the total sales of light An empty city (or region), the amount of screws in the region and the potential market space, competitors, competitive advantage in light security, payment brought together and so on.

    (2) to apply to join:
    Application to join the company should know before joining condition (ie: a, screw in the region sales; b, request to join the company's name; c, according to market sales of certain prepaid payment. D, both in the region advertising. E, enterprise commitment to product quality. f, business agent of reward and punishment. detailed tone of the market, I resume the situation in writing to the advantage of light An Co., Ltd. made ​​an application to join.

    3 companies for approval:
    Companies to join in the receipt form within 10 working days to keep abreast of, approval and notify the applicant.

    4 agreement:
    The two sides signed a sales agency agreement, and strictly enforced. Also joined the company needs to pay a joining fee.

    5 Marketing:
    Agents should be active in making the required regional product sales, product bidding, carefully prepare the product pre-sales, service, and timely collection of sales and product quality information, so that light security products market share in the region increased year by year, to obtain more large economic and social benefits.