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    Internal and external problems under siege, Shanxi 100 million industry almost came to the most dangerous moment. Thanks to high-speed railway fastener business, so hard suffering of the Jin Dynasty 100 million industry to be turning the tide. Jin Industrial Co., Ltd. 100 million high-speed rail fastener production base in the land system, was originally prepared to build staff quarters; but now has become a high-speed rail fastener business Jin Industrial Co., the three main business of 100 million, ""Dinghaishenzhen"", played a ""single riding Savior ""role. ""Ordinary fasteners a marked decline in exports, while sales of automotive fasteners not really up, thanks to the high-speed rail fastener business to make up a performance gap."" Jin 100 million industry vice president and board secretary Tu Zhiqing disclosed to the author. Traditional fasteners, ""got hit"" just the last in 2009 to maintain sustained and rapid development of the past decade fastener industry, hit hard, as Jin 100 million domestic and international market situation is most serious industrial year. Is headquartered in Jiashan, Zhejiang, Shanxi and 100 million industry, is the largest fastener industry leading enterprises. Fastener industry's main export markets - the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea is precisely the present financial crisis hit the hardest hit by sudden drop in product demand common fasteners. ""This is our company's production 10 years ago, for the first time into the business downturn."" Tu Zhiqing to the author admits, ""Jin 100 million in 2009 Normal fasteners industrial products of export orders fell by 52%, even with orders, it is basically at a loss, and start rate of less than 50%. ""Let Jin 100 million industry headache is not only a decline in export demand for the region, as well as the impact of financial crisis, contributed to the rise of trade protectionism. September 24, 2009, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) decided to levy or export of carbon steel fasteners from China, an anti-dumping re-investigation. October 14 the same year, the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) decided to levy or export of carbon steel fasteners from China, an anti-dumping, countervailing merger investigations. Troubled by the anti-dumping investigations has been in existence. Tu Zhiqing told the author that it has been there eight countries or regions of China fastener products, anti-dumping investigation. Prior to this, Shanxi 100 million industry has been raised several times by different countries, antidumping prosecutions against: February 3, 2009 Mexico, the company exported nuts launch anti-dumping investigations. January 31, 2009, the European Commission finally ruled that the company's tax rate is 77.5%, which stems from November 9, 2007 EU steel fasteners from China, part of the product launch anti-dumping investigations; September 16, 2008, Canada Border Services Agency on the carbon steel fasteners from China, the normal value, export price and the amount of subsidies, conducted an interim review to investigate the; May 14, 2009, the Russian Industry and Trade issued a circular that was launched on imports of fasteners safeguards调查. Fastener products blocked the export market, the domestic market was also not optimistic about the competition among enterprises unprecedented proportions to bargain with each other, so that Jin 100 million from exports to domestic industrial transformation of the road full of thorns. In early 2009, Jin 100 million industry and even the staff had an extended holiday plans. First three quarters of 2009, Shanxi 100 million industry loss of 12 million yuan, while the performance is 104 million a year earlier. Internal and external problems under siege, Shanxi 100 million industry almost came to the most dangerous moment. Thanks to high-speed railway fastener business, so hard suffering of the Jin Dynasty 100 million industry to be turning the tide. Order high-speed rail as ""Dinghaishenzhen"" by the end of 2009, Shanxi 100 million industry received a piece of paper to inform the Ministry of Railways Transport Bureau, the number of models they produce fastener system, through the Ministry of Railways to review the last track technology can be used on the Road. ""This is a historic moment, it was worth a moment to remember. Because it is the Ministry of Railways of the domestic passenger line fastener manufacturers recognized the first time on the Road, by examining it means that we can justifiably high-speed railway in China the market. ""Tu Zhiqing told the reporter. High-speed rail fastener orders, will be the new Jin-yi enterprise performance growth. At present a large-scale construction of the railway into the full swing stage, according to estimates, in 2009 -2010 Ministry of Railways tender years, high-speed rail operations in the 8000-9000 km distance, corresponding to the value of high-speed rail fasteners almost 8 billion -100 billion. Jin Dynasty 100 million recall of intimate contact with the railway industry, Tu Zhiqing if vivid: in April 2002, the Ministry of Railways Transportation Board approved the Jin Dynasty 100 million industry for ""Railway Equipment R & D base""; in September 2002 the company won the bid the Qinghai-Tibet Railway big twist Moment of I-type fastener elastic fastening screw spike, anti-loose nuts, limit board; in April 2006, Shanxi 100 million to build high-speed rail fastener production base; in August 2006, the successful tenderer West and Wen-Fu Cheng passenger line deduction pieces of the system; in December 2007 and made public control center issued by the Ministry of Railways passenger line fastener system, ""self-developed examination certificate""; in March 2008, successful passenger line from Yichang to Wanzhou, fastening systems ... ... In fact, as early as listed at the beginning, Jin 100 million industry on the future of my country aimed at high-speed railway market, the majority of funds raised are used in high-strength shaped fasteners. In 2008, Jin 100 million industry for technological transformation, technology development projects 6, a total investment of 89.0912 million yuan to develop new products 112, the product of rail transport, power, engineering machinery, automobile, construction steel, household appliances and so on six series of , in particular the continuous improvement of the various types of high-speed rail fastening system accessory products. As the field of high-speed railway fasteners only listed company, Shanxi 100 million industry is the only domestic company that has a speed of 250KM and 350KM experience in high-speed rail fastener supplier factories. In order to ensure safe operation, Ministry of Railways in general tend to choose a mature experienced supplier of supply, while the rich supply of experience and a strong chin 100 million Industrial production is expected to make greater market share. As early as 2006, at the national high-speed rail fastening system, the first bidding, the Jin Dynasty 100 million industry on the successful four packages, received 7.5 million orders, to obtain a 16% market share, while the tender year of high Rail operating mileage is 3336 kilometers, less than the tender half the mileage of high-speed rail operations. In addition, Jin 100 million industry is the climate of the Qinghai-Tibet railway fasteners worst the only successful unit affiliated with the Ministry of Railways Gejia construction unit made a good cooperative relationship and identity, in the future will also benefit from this relationship. Tender in the year, foreign brands accounted for about nearly 50% market share, while the Ministry of Railways in the localization rate of 70% under the policy will be more inclined to domestic brands. In other domestic fastener manufacturers of high-speed rail worry about capacity shortages circumstances, Shanxi 100 million industry is likely to increase in this high-speed rail fasteners tender market share. 2009 -2.01 thousand years, the Ministry of Railways to enter high-speed rail fasteners tender peak, while the Jin Dynasty 100 million industry has begun to share the feast: November 18, 2009, Jin Industrial Co., bid 100 million new Beijing-Shijiazhuang railway passenger line, Dan Wu Railway Passenger Dedicated Line (Hebei Section) project 580 million yuan of the F01 package. In the same year in October, Shanxi 100 million industry with too much iron in three Bureau of the Bank of the railway tunnel project Luliangshan signed a 12.49 million yuan of the purchase contract; and the Harbin-Dalian Railway Passenger Dedicated Line signed a 7.9 billion in procurement contracts; and long Kyrgyzstan signed an inter-city rail total amount of 570 million procurement contract; and Zhang general contracting of railway iron entered into a total price of 4 681 million in procurement contracts. Jin has already accumulated 100 million industry is currently winning high-speed rail fastener orders that are over 2.2 billion, total delivery of more than 900 million yuan. High-speed rail fastening margin is 2 times higher than traditional fasteners, while the high-speed rail fastening chin 100 million project has been accounted for 40% of industry sales in 2010 will exceed 50%. Tu Zhiqing disclosed to the author, the future will be to enter the subway Jin 100 million industrial cities such as rail transport market.