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     China becomes the world's largest auto sales market and the largest car producer in 2009, And at present ownership of per capita car is not high in China, Auto fastener market should be promising. Zhejiang new Oriental fasteners Co., LTD. Will spend 120 million yuan specially to develope auto standard parts, Including car engine and cylinder bolt, as standard parts. And Haiyan quality inspect bureau, national standard product quality supervision and inspection center, Scientific research development service squadron, they specially set up special technology group, booster for zhejiang new Oriental's auto standard project development. In order to adapt to domestic and international market development and the response nation increasing the needs of the building green energy, Zhejiang new Oriental can be said frequently action in the high-end product development in recent years. In march 2008, success in the developing and producing varius types of rivets and bolts, suitable for railway system. On the basis of this point, they develope and produce those rivets, applied to other industry fields. also invest and produce fasteners connection series products for the wind generator system. And export to Sweden, Australia and other countries. widely acclaimed by customers. If fasteners enterprise does not do product transformation or go high-end course, the next they face the competition more and more fierce. In addition, how to recruit people, how to employing, Maybe it is the biggest problem for current fasteners enterprise. And at present what the enterprise to do is, must pay special attention to the enterprise management, try to bring them in the short, bring them to stay, Let the existing personnel in the company to stabilize.