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    Raw materials: raw material prices will not change this week, maintained the upward trend in prices of raw materials, 66% Tie Jingfen Qian'an tax price of 725 yuan / ton, weekly chain rose 15 yuan / ton. India Ore 63.5% CIF77 U.S. dollars / ton, weekly ring up more than 2 U.S. dollars / ton. Tangshan two metallurgical coke price is 1700 yuan / ton. Tangshan Steel Scrap Taxes not included price of 2,300 yuan / ton, up by 50 weeks of chain yuan / ton. Ore producers continue to stir-fried sea freight, BDI has been as high as 4073 points. Port iron ore stocks this week, 70.31 million tons, weekly chain fell by 51 million tons. Steel: steel prices to keep rising trend 1, the domestic steel prices hikes and the composite index of 134.8, weeks or 2.0%, in which long products index rose 2.0%, flat products rose 2.2%. Pu-line 6.5mm or 80 yuan / ton, 20mm rebar up 60 yuan / ton, medium plate 20mm rose 80 yuan / ton. Hot-rolled plate, cold-rolled plate, galvanized sheet were 60 to 80 yuan / ton gains. Steel 304/2B2.0mm down 200 yuan / ton. Oriented silicon steel price stability. 2, the international steel prices remained stable, CRU composite index of 134.40, unchanged from last week, obviously weaker than the domestic index rose 2.0%. CRU long products, CRU flat material, CRU Asia, CRU North America, CRU Europe were unchanged from last week. 3, 0909 rebar futures volume was 1.6824 million in hand, Zhou ring than to reduce 14.58%, amounted to 34.7244 million in hand position, Zhou ring than to reduce 2.49%. Closing price of 3907 yuan / ton, increased 1.11% late last week, but the closing price of 3891 yuan / ton, 0.05% lower last week at the end.